Saturday, October 13, 2012

blog revamp...

recently, i have been going through a sort of ... "identity crisis". i have been feeling lost in who i am, what i want to be doing with my life and trying to figure out what will make me happy. when i go a long stretch without doing anything creative, which is exactly what has been happening, i get sad. so i am going to make a point of doing at least one creative thing a week. of course, daily would be ideal, but because i know that is a too lofty of a goal, i will stick with once a week. with that, i will try to post my creations along with photos of my family, things that inspire me whether it be art, nature, furniture, food... whatever. this is a photo of Kara, my youngest. she is such a ham! last November, we spent a few days in Monterey, her souvenir was this funny little bird. i love how serious she looks. :)

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