Friday, March 9, 2012

happy friday!

i am so glad it's friday. i am planning on spending some time painting this weekend. i have been so inspired lately by the blogs that i visit. in particular, flora bowley. she seems to be everywhere these days. many people are taking her on-line workshop and creating fabulous flora inspired art. i even saw an article by her in this month's cloth paper scissors magazine. so i decided to do a flora inspired journal page but plan to do a larger painting on canvas this weekend. this is what i did last night with just paint and mostly my fingers! :)

also, last weekend i had fun with my art journal and created these pages:

this one has tons of layers of paint. i had an entirely different theme going and didn't like it so i just painted over what i had, dabbed off some paint with paper towel to get this really cool textured background.

this is one of my favorites, probably because it has my "hazel" in it. i am really trying to concentrate on having fun with my art and not worry too much about the outcome. enjoying the process is what i am after.

this one is not from my journal. it is my latest "hazel" piece. i love the colors and all of the elements on this one. it's called "i'm dreaming of a house on a hill". i need to print off those words and adhere it and then it's done.

that's all for now. happy creating! 

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