Saturday, March 26, 2011

haircut and lunch...

today i got my haircut. i love getting my haircut. it is an hour of total bliss. :) then i had lunch with a friend to celebrate my birthday (which is tomorrow). we had a yummy lunch and talked for hours. it was great! thanks Jan! :)

i thought i would share a few photos that i took in palm springs earlier this week.

loved this funny elephant car wash sign!

 our beautiful room!

 the lobby

 the palm trees :)

 this was the road into our hotel

 love that you can see the snow on the mountains!

 mr. duck...

 a view from our room

 the cool outdoor area for relaxin'

all of the flowers were in full bloom!



  1. Beautiful pics!

    I, too, love getting my hair cut. I just like when they wash my hair :) Best 15 minutes ever.

  2. Awww Happy Birthday! It looks like you have a wonderful time! Blessings, Joanne